Integrated Access Control System  
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Access Control & Time Attendance System

HRView is a Web-based access control and attendance management software suite with the IntelligentEdge architecture. It runs in geographically-spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes.

Vehicle Access Managment

Idcube Vehicle Access Control Management System

Enterprise Vehicle Access Management System to manage network of vehicle access checkpoints such as Boom Barriers/Bollards.

CCTV Integration

Idcube CCTV Gateway

CCTV footage with access related information therefore enabling the security managers to search for footages corresponding to an employee or TAG ID.

Asset Management

Idcube Asset Management

Assetpro tackles the new age Information security procedures related to authorization and tracking of computing assets such as Laptops while entering and leaving the facility with an employee.

Visitor Management

Idcube ezvisit

ezVISIT is Centralized visitor management and tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track visitors at their facilities.

Canteen Management

Idcube Cafeteria Management

Smart Choice is a KIOSK based Canteen/ Cafeteria Management System. Touch Screen KIOSK and Smart Card technology with centralized Recharge and Refund stations.

HRView - Access Control and Attendance Management Software



HRView is Web-based access control and attendance management software suite with the IntelligentEdge architecture. Key features include HawkEye. ZoneDraw, critical, public and logical area access control, complete timesheet managment, work shit managment and support for audit and compliance processes. HRView integrates with ERPs, HRMSs and other enterprises-scale software and scales across locations globally. HRView builds on IDCUBE's ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified processes and provides reassuring business continuity features to customers.

Universal Access

The uniqueness of HRView lies in its being pan-organization access control software and a universal time attendance managment solution. It runs in geographically-spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes.

HRView is a comprehensive time and attendance management software. It integrates across various kinds of RFID card,pin, magnetic stripe and biometric (fingerprint, Iris, palm and others) readers and credentials. Business rules pertaining to shift management, attendance reporting, attendance reqularization can be easily configured. These serve as excellent inputs to enterprise-wide software and serve as an aid in processing of payroll, overtime, incentives and more.

Security of an organization's assets – its people, products and processes has been the prime focus of HRView. Access to operation areas, critical areas (archives, laboratories, test sites, server room), public areas (reception lobby, banks, parking lots etc.) or restricted areas such as warehouses and more is secured by HRView. Periodic security processes such as fire drills and even the efficacy of the rounds of security guards is monitored. The Hawkeye provides a graphical bird's eye view of real-time activity across the entire access control set up of an organization with single or multiple facilities – centralized or globally dispersed or that of a facility housing multiple organizations.

HRView provides Active Directory integration. While this promotes a single-sign-on advantage on one hand, it ensures that changes made in the Active Directory are reflected across all access points across the organization. It also integrates with ERPs and HRMSs to mirror rules in relevant human capital management processes. Through effective integration with all enterprise-wide access control systems and relevant enterprisescale software (ERPs, HRMS), HRView resolves the 'ghost credential' issue by ensuring that exit formalities and the eventual exit of an employee get reflected down to even the smallest point of contact with the organization.

The versatile HRView software can control turnstiles, boom barriers, flap barriers, auto shutters, bollards, buzzers, alarms and more based on a variety of input devices such as sensors (infrared, magnetic, motion or intrusion detectors, fire, cameras etc.). The ability to process information from various input & control of output devices allows the realisation of complex security procedures & processes. Analysis of activities across an area or over a period of time can yield information that can be critical for security diagnostics and forensics. Analysis of security events and prediction of security incidents and possible breaches is also possible with HRView's detailed reports.

IDCUBE is ISO 27001:2005 certified by ULDQS. Thus the thinking behind information securityat all costs is deeply embedded in all IDCUBE's operations. HRView Draws from the business continuity framework which is a part of Access 360 and all IDCUBE's software. This includes, but is not limited to, policies and implementation pf server management, regular backups, and processess for preventation from physical damage, restoration, maintenance activities in sync with commited service levels (SLAa) and more.