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What is Rodent Repeller?

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are electronic transmitters of high frequency sound well above the 20,000Hz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of humans and common pets like cats, dogs, birds and fish and it is harmless to humans and other than pests. It is safer than traps and poisons, the Ultrasonic rodent repellers minimize human contact with disease-bearing rodents (no dead rodents to dispose of).

How does this Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller works?

An environmentally friendly way The Repeller Transducers emits the powerful variable sound waves within the hearing range of Rodents, The high intensity sound waves are painful to the pests, which creates unfriendly environment for the rodents, they will simply force them to leave and never return the area of the device installed. The Rodents usually leave the area being protected by Repellents. Most important is that they do not get killed. Sometimes they will leave the area immediately, in other cases it will take as long as two to three weeks. As compared to conventional methods, they are clean, safe.

Rodents stop entering the areas being protected by Repellents, because the ultrasonic sound waves hit to their ears which is unbearable and discomfort. They do not get immune since the sound output is at varying frequencies.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact and handy
  • No Toxic Chemicals or Messy Traps
  • No Maintenance
  • This device is a permanent solution to a rodent problem.
Where you need this Repellent?

houses, aviaries, food stores, warehouses.

Rodents Behaviors' and combating.

Wherever humans live, you'll find rats and mice. Man provides building for shelter and nesting and, of course, an endless supply of food. Most rodents will not travel more than 50mtr. from their nest and living place. Their ability to rapidly reproduce when environments are satisfactory.

We are always battling to rid of the rats and out Houses, Factories, Restaurants, Warehouses, Food Storage Areas & etc. Trapping is very ineffectual, inefficient, messy and unpleasant. Poisoning is increasingly frowned upon by many health and environmentally conscious people. Poisoning will always present a danger to pets, usually dogs, and young children. Obviously poison can never be placed where food is kept, which is where rodents want to be.

Rats can hear frequencies up to 50,000Hz, Mice up to 55,000Hz and they cannot tolerate the variable (changing) frequencies constantly bombarding their highly sensitive hearing. Whereas Humans hear only up to 20,000Hz, dogs 25,000Hz, cats 26,500Hz, birds down around 10,000Hz.

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