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SOLUS - SACS ™ Standard
Solus Access Control & Time Management System

Solus Access Control
                    & Time Management System Overview Chennai India

System Overview

SACS Standard™ is the smart and modern Access Control & Time Management system, specifically created for Small & Medium Enterprises, which require a comprehensive security and administration toll at an affordable price. It is different from the hugely successful SACS Model for larger enterprises, as its features are specifically innovated to cater to SMEs

What is the need?
This system is currently a requirement of SMEs in various sectors, condidering the need of every SME to excel over its competitors. Based on an extensive Market Research on the needs of SMEs, it aims to bring following improvements in Small & Medium Entreprises.

  • Help in curbing operational costs: By providing integration with cost cutting value add-ons like Solus Attendance Managment System, and also ensuring high price performance level.
  • Help in Enhancing Performance by all the employees: By ensuring higher level of security, and management of the employees by controlling their access.
  • Help in providing cost effective measures while Scaling up: Scaling up shall increase security and access requirments; SACS Standard cares for the enterpreneurs and helps them in their scaling up, by scaling up security solutions at lower costs.

SOLUS Access Control and Time Management System - SACS-SW-S


Designed specially to cater for a single door or up to 64 doors (128 readers) control application, this systme integrates the intelligent DAC02 or DAC04 IPW controllers with advanced state-of the art SACS™ Security Management software, which truly brings to users the optimum output level in price performance.


The system has number of innovative features and standard specifications, the combination of which puts it way above any competition. Some benefits are specially designed for small enterprises and others are specific to all.

Specifially for SMEs

  • Low Cost: The system costs much lower compared to the Enterprise version (for large enterprises). This is ensured by the removal of features redundant for smaller firsm and thus strenghtening the presence of special features.
  • Integration with SAMS: special integration with an interactive Attendance Management Software by Solus, ingeniously designed to improve performance efficiency of SMEs, by managing every feature related to the time & attendance of the employees.
  • Novel Cost-efficient Upgrade Feature: Designed in an innovative modular fashion, SACS Standard™ allows the client to upgrade the system anytime from 1 to 64 doors by connecting to other DAC 02/04 IPW V1 controllers on IP Network.


System Architecture

Solus Access Control & Time Management System Architecture Chennai India

System Description

This strategy ensures that the firm can always keep pace with emerging security requirements while meeting ongoing budgetary objectives.


  • Flexibility in Compatibility: SACS Standard™ is fully compatible with conventional card reader technologies like EM and Proximity as well as with emerging technology like Smart cards and Biometrics. Depending on the operational needs and budget, the client can choose to adopt the most appropriate type of card reader technology that best suits its security and admin requirement.
  • Optimum Design with all requirements met: All the needed features are present and supported by intelligent and innovative design and creation, as discussed ahead.

Features & Specialties

There are many features(apart from the ones mentioned) which make this system special.

Highly Efficient Controllers

  • Combination of controllers(2 or 4) can be connected single controller controls 2 or 4 entry readers and exit readers (or request to exit device)
  • 4000 cardholders database per controller
  • Compatibility: Effectively supports card readers of various technologies-Wiegand, Proximity, Smart Card & Biometric

Very Secure & Reliable

  • Security login control for users operating SACS Standard™ Software menu functions
  • Security of all data associated with the client ensured using highest degrees of security

Innovative Installation & Maintenance

  • Bulk Card updation: Reduces installation time and efforts
  • Remote Maintenance: On-line hardware diagnostics and status reporting

Ingenious Monitoring Features

  • Real-time transaction monitoring of all events and alarms; such as 'door left open' alarm, 'door forced open' alarm, duress alarm, anti-pass back violations
  • Capability to recover Transactions data


Ingenious Reporting Facilities

  • Single Click Reports: All Standard and most used reports are available on single click
  • Interactive & Flexible Reports: Report Building also possible for various non standard report requirments
  • Improved Tracking Fields: Large number of tracking fields available without increasing any complexity, thus making it easier to track reports and generate them based on the data inputs
  • Improved Technological Add-ons: Printing Facility available, EMail/SMS Facility etc. also available on demand

Integration for Time Management

The Access Control System uses the data recorded, for time management of the employees. The complete Punching Report is available, through SACS Standard, along with the information related to Leave and Shift features, such as absentee calculations, overtime calculations, lunch break related analysis etc.

The above mentioned reports are available with all standard features (Importable, Exportable etc.) and also entertain few novel feature as:

  • Interactive Help Feature for Support & Customization
  • Data to be imported, swquence and format are programmable
  • Ability to import cardholder information from an ASCII file


Solus Attendance Management System is an interative Time & Attendance System for Management of Employees and their performance. Being web based, the system is such that regular monitoring of employee work can be done and direct intergration with payroll software is easier. SAMS can be integrated with SACS to provide a winning combination for SMEs.

Controllers, Readers & Accessories

  • Controllers: DAC 02/04 Controllres form a part of the complete system
  • Readers: Solus SDR Mifare Readers are supplied by Solus along with the product
  • Cards: Choice of Mifare Cards & Key tags.
  • Cables: Solus also offers specially made cable for Access Control Purpose.
  • Technical Specification

    Features Specifications
    Card Holders(Per Controller) 4000
    Transaction buffer: 6500
    Communication TCP IP / Web browser Interface
    Data Format (Wiegand) 26 Bit
    Max Controller in Network 32
    Time Zone 16
    Memory Size 128 KB flash memory & 128K bytes RAM
    Housing Dimension 250x290x55 mm(WxHxD)
    Housing Material 1.2mm CRCA Oven baked painted
    Mounting Method Surface mount, uses 3 x m* screws
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50 deg C (32 deg F to 120 deg F)
    Humidity 10% to 95% non-condensing
    Power supply/Consumtion 9-12 VDC at less than 200mA
    External Battery 12V at 7Ah, lead acid free type (Standard Size)
    Models Description
    SACS-SW-S SACS Standard(Free Licensing for up to 250 Cardholders)
    Access Controllers & Readers
    DAC 02 IPW V1 Two Reader Control panel with PS Cabinet & Power supply
    DAC 04 IPW V1 Four Reader Control panel with PS Cabinet & Power supply
    DAC 02 IPW V1-B Two Reader Control panel with BAT Cabinet, Power Supply with Charger
    DAC 04 IPW V1-B Four Reader Control panel with PS Cabinet & Power supply with Charger
    SDR 913 Mifare Reader
    MFC 1K Mifare Card 1K
    MFC 4K Mifare Card 4K
    Access Control Kits
    SACS KIT 04 1 DAC 04 IPW V1 + 4 Nos SDR 913 + 100 MFC 1k
    SACS KIT 02 1 DAC 02 IPW V1 + 2 Nos SDR 913 + 50 MFC 1k
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