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Time & Attendance System and Its Applications

Time and Attendance System

Introducing a Time and Attendance system to your organization is simple and powerful step, which leads towards increase of more profits through higher levels of productivity. Having a time clock machine to Streamline and simplify timekeeping and time collecting, managing and processing time in order to effectively manage their time and attendance needs and requirement. This frees up valuable time so that companies can meet their client expectations better, optimize operations and engage others in their business.

Our Attendance Calendar provides a day-by-day, week-by-week or yearly view of an individual employees attendance and absences. This can also be performed at a departmental level providing team leaders with a quick view of their resources.

All these functions are performed using the Time and Attendance software and time recording machines. The options for collecting attendance data include Biometric Fingerprint Recognition, Proximity Show Card and PC Based Clocking. Remote workers over multiple sites can be monitored using the PC.

How do Time and Attendance Systems work?

Employees use their identification cards or a computer PC to punch in and out each day. Some use proximity or smart cards which only need to be shown near a time clock reader. Magnetic stripe cards are also possibly used. For security purposes, and to avoid the buddy punching some companies use pool proof biometric devices that check fingerprints/handprints or contactless face/Iris recognition to ensure that the correct employee that is punching in or out.


Biometric attendance system ensures that time and attendance data is truly accurate and correct. Finger print recognition makes it more difficult for staff to abuse the system, for example card based systems only record the card that was swiped rather than who swiped it. Biometrics will guarantee that you only pay your employees for the actual time worked, not claimed time. This is very useful where supervisors and managers are not always available to monitor employee activities.

There are several types of biometrics used in time attendance clocks. It uses various human body parts, as shown below, to identify an employee:

  • fingerprint: an individual's unique fingerprints
  • hand: the length of the fingers and the shape of the hand
  • iris: the colored ring that surrounds the pupil
  • face: facial characteristics
  • retina: the capillary vessels at the back of the eye


Contactless proximity cards are used to operate the system, which use well-proven and reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology. This gives a consistent in read range, which is unaffected by most external conditions.

Clocking in and out is simple - just hold your proximity or smart card in front of the reader, where it is scanned automatically in under 1/4 second. Our card reading technology enables your proximity or smart card to be read through any non-metallic items, so there is no need to remove it from your wallet or purse.

Attendance Logs

All the attendance logs stored in the standalone attendance machine itself and those logs can be manually or automatically downloaded to your computer and generate the reports.

Attendance Software

The most affordable time attendance recording software "etimetracklite" is plug & play for small to medium sized buisness's. It provides you with all the data you need to monitor absenteeism, lateness, holidays, overtime to ensure up to date management information on every individual employee.

Your manager will also be better equipped to ensure the required staffing levels are met, and also plan for thinks like annual holidays, sick leave, maternity leave ect.

It can output simple easy to read reports that can be passed onto your payroll department, saving you hours of time you used to spend tallying up hand-written time cards or punch clock cards.


FTA-E9/X990 is a biometric fingerprint time attendance system and a perfect add-on to your current human resource management helping you to automate data collection and process timesheets faster designed specifically for the Indian market.

Key Benefits

  • Prepare attendance reports faster for organizations of any size.
  • Improve overall workforce punctuality, naturally!
  • Eliminate buddy-punching with fingerprint biometrics.
  • Queue up faster with one touch login.
  • Lower maintenance than punch card.

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