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Water Leak Detection System

Highly valuables facilities, including your remote and unmanned locations. Protect against business outages and interruptions that are caused by physical factors such as power, fire, environment and unauthorised access.

The assests like Data Centre, Server Room, Document Room, etc are the core assests of the Corporates and Banks. First periority is its safety and smooth running, so that other operations will not get affected. To ensure these assests safety one need install the Access Control, Fire Alarm, Rodent Repellent system in that line Water Leak Detection System is also very important for preventing the water leakage.

The presence of water can mean damages to equipment or a loss of critical services, especially electrical. Thus Water Detection System is useful for early detection where preventive action should be taken.

Kambar Technologies delivers practical solutions that detects early water leakage and sends alert notifcation through siren/hooter and autodialer. Our technology to ensures that even the smallest leaks are detected and located before a big disaster.

How it works

Water leak detection system is comprised of 3 primary components: a water leak detector cable, the cable itself a sensor, a sensor interface module which will be placed in particular area itself, and a Main Control Panel which connected to Siren/Hooter and autodialer. In simple terms, if any one of the system's sensors detects water, it will send a signal to the control panel which in turn arm the siren/hooter and trigger the autodialer. The whole process occurs within a couple of seconds. With the timely intimation, a potential disaster has been averted, saving the devastation, expense, and headaches of flood damage and insurance claims.


  • Servers rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Indutrial
  • Telecommunication

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