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Access Control & Time Attendance System

HrView Access Control Software System

HRView is a Web-based access control and attendance management software suite with the IntelligentEdge architecture. It runs in geographically-spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes.

Vehicle Access Managment

Idcube Vehicle Access Control Management System

Enterprise Vehicle Access Management System to manage network of vehicle access checkpoints such as Boom Barriers/Bollards.

CCTV Integration

Idcube CCTV Gateway

CCTV footage with access related information therefore enabling the security managers to search for footages corresponding to an employee or TAG ID.

Asset Management

Idcube Asset Management

Assetpro tackles the new age Information security procedures related to authorization and tracking of computing assets such as Laptops while entering and leaving the facility with an employee.

Visitor Management

Idcube ezvisit

ezVISIT is Centralized visitor management and tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track visitors at their facilities.

Canteen Management

Idcube Cafeteria Management

Smart Choice is a KIOSK based Canteen/ Cafeteria Management System. Touch Screen KIOSK and Smart Card technology with centralized Recharge and Refund stations.

Automatic Gate Opening System for CARS and Vehicles

IDCube - Vehicle Access Managment System



Enterprise Vehicle Access Managment System to manage network of vehicle access checkpoints such as Boom Barriers/Bollards and Siliding Gates. UHF Technology allows for reading ranges of several meters. This system allows users to access the secured area without using their hands or having to stop for ID tag verification, while still maintaining the required level of security in the area.


  • Gated Residential Parking
  • Hospital Parking
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Warehouse facilities to track all access activities
  • Fuel Distribution Centres for Trucks


ID-LR-12 Long Range Reader.
ID-LR-12 Long Range Reader.



Key Features

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Access Managment.
  • Parking Guidance.
  • Contracted Vehicle Management.
  • Easy vehicle & owner enrollment and credential deactivation.
  • Hands-free Access.
  • UHF Reader Detection Range can be adjusted.
  • Authorised Vehicles can pass through without any delay.
  • User friendly interface for Vehicle Movement Reporting & Analytics.
  • UL and IP certified System components with inteligent Edge Architecture.


Vehicle Access Management Software - IDCube VAM

  • VAM is Complete Web-based vehicle access managment system, checkpoint automation, parking guidance, vehicle movement analytics.
  • Support for long distance tamper-proof and clone proof Vehicle tags facilitates the authentication, tracebility and tractability of vehicles entering or leaving the premises.
  • System will enable you to extend the deployment of security policies.
  • Time schedules and conditional authorizations can easily be implemented for vehicles.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and IP bsed networking brings simplicity and flexibility.