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Spectra - Four Door Access Controller - ACT1000


ACT1000 Four Door Access 
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InstaID series ACT1000 is a four door access controller. It has a robust design and easy mechanism for effortless installation. It can simultaneously control & monitor up to four doors thus reducing the per door cost. It can be connected with any kind of readers viz; Finger Print, Mifare, Proximity and supports either industry standard configurable weigand or clock/data interfaces. It is imperative for areas like R&D labs and server rooms.

ACT1000 Four Door 
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  • 4 Door / 8 Reader Controller: Supports access control of up to 4 doors in all respect including 4 entry readers, 4 exit readers, 4 locks, 4 exit switches etc.
  • Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface: Leveraging on the merits of IP based systems; it can easily be hooked up on the existing TCP/IP network. Thus the data can be transferred instantaneously in real time mode to a centralized server.
  • Field Upgradable Firmware: Facility to onsite upgrade the firmware over Ethernet interface so that any customization or new version can be easily upgraded without any need of removing the device.
  • Protected Enclosure: Both controller & power supply unit are protected with suitable housing so that electronic circuit boards are not exposed to cause any accidental damage.
  • Anti Pass Back: Door wise antipassback. Entry to the particular door is allowed only when the employee has exited through the same door.
  • Door Interlocking: Facility of door interlocking is available. The system allows creating a group of doors such that access to a door within the group is allowed only when all the other doors are in closed condition.
  • Excellent Price Performance Ratio: With a lower price to performance ratio ROI is automatically enhanced, the factor contributing to higher ROI is not only very competitive pricing but also higher accuracy rate offered by the product.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Embedded network interface for easy connectivity
  • Industry standard weigand input facilitates to connect with any readers
  • Cost saving


Controller: 4 Doors / 8 Readers
CPU: 8 Bit Microcontroller running at 42 MHz
Program Memory: 512 KBytes
Data Memory: 2 MBytes Flash & 256 KB Non Volatile RAM
Database: 30,000 Card Holders
Transactions: 55,000 time stamped events storage capacity
RTC: Non Volatile Real Time Clock Calendar
Display: 16 character x 2 line high contrast backlit LCD, LED indication for reader and lock activity status
Communication: 10 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications
Reader Interface: Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 40 bits / Clock Data. Eight reader ports
Reader Control: LED Control, Buzzer Control and Reader Tamper Switch Input
Lock Interface: 4 Potential Free changeover relays, contact rating 3A/30VDC. Supports both fail safe and fail secure type of lock assemblies
Digital Inputs: Optically isolated inputs for 4 Door Sensor, 4 Exit Switches and 8 General Purpose Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs: 4 General Purpose Changeover relay outputs
Watchdog: Built-in watchdog supervisor
Supply Requirement: 13.8 V DC / 5 Amp with batter charger. Provision to connect 12V/ 7.2 AH Battery
Protection: Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for over current protection
Power: 4 Watts ( Excluding Locks and Readers )
Input: 180 V AC ~ 230V AC/ 50 Hz
Weight: 5.14 Kgs
Enclosure: Rugged Aluminium die cast housing
Dimensions: 36.2 cm ( L) x 32.5 cm (W) x 8.3 cm (D)

Access Management Software - Net-XsControl

  • Online Access control and monitoring
  • Integrated Access and Visitor Management
  • Supports multiple identification technologies & devices
  • Seamless Integration with legacy software systems
  • User logs with audit trail facility
  • Client Server architecture with backend of Oracle, SQL, SQL Express and Access
  • Multi-user Operations with Multi Level Security
  • Maximum up to 30 users define time zones
  • Maximum up to 90 Access groups
  • Maximum up to 30 Week off Groups
  • Maximum up to 10 Holiday Group, 30 Holiday per group


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