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Standalone Access Control Terminal

Solus ID08 Standalone Access Control
                    & Time Management System Overview Chennai India


Solus keeps up with the latest technological advancements by providing a new range of indoor/outdoor biometric and contact less smart card terminals, which is compatible with every Access Control System and is highly compact and easy to install. This reinforces the system's Overall level of security.

What is the need?

Totay most physical access control systems in use are based upon Smart cards, PIN (Password Identification Numbers) or Combination of these. UNfortunately this does not not prevent individuals from using someone ele's card or ID to enter to a restricted area, thus utilizing the system flaw known as "Proxy Punching".

Security & Administration authorities do demand the card bearer's identity to deal with this issue. But again this option becomes human dependent; to automate this process, they strongly recommend use of biometric technologies to providee strong user authentication and avoid such security breach.

When Biometric is combined with contactless smart cards, this ensures speedy, multi-factor contactless smart cards, this ensures speedy, multi-factor user authentication, and hence reinforces the system's overall level of security.


Key Features

  • Combination of biometric and contactless smart card terminals
  • Compact and Easy to install
  • Compatible with legacy or new access control systems
  • Operate in Identification (1:N) & Authentication mode (1:1)
  • Storage Capacity of Two biometric templates per person for up to 4000 individuals on the terminal even in Identification Mode
  • Needs less than 2 seconds to compare the templates
  • Highly efficient in operational time using unique features
  • Flexible - Supports large range of operational needs
  • Biometric data can be store either on terminal (Chip Serial No used to screen the database and retrieve corresponding template) or on card (enhances system capability to unlimited users)
  • Offers standard data communication interfaces such as Weigand, Serial or Ethernet, to return the transactions to host system; for all modes
SOLUS Fingerprint Access Control Terminal - DS108

System Architecture

Solus Access Control & Time Management System Architecture Chennai India


System Description

ID08 has Stand-alone or networked(Wiegand)modes.

Standalone (Controller) Mode

It's an ideal choice for smaller installations where single unit can be used as a complete one door Access Control System.
This means biometric verification, access decision, lock control and record storage all happens on the same unit and unit directly communications with Access & Terminal Management Software.
Specialty: ID 08 can be connected to any third party access control panels or an existing installation using configurable Wiegand Output.

Network (Reader) Mode

This is an ideal choice for larger companies with multiple readers and Access Control Installation applications.
When the terminal is networked, it connects to the highly efficient and popular IPW Controllers- Solus DAC 02/04 - in serial or Wiegand mode. The two or four ID 08 terminals are controlled by a host controller; thus ensuring Finger verification happens on ID 08 Terminals but access decisions, lock control and records happens only on host controller
Specialty: Since only Control panel communications over TCP/IP, required IP points go down to one fourth, thus making overall IT infrastructure cost down. In network mode, Flash memory of the terminal is used for template storage, which means that a unit can be configured for 4000 users using 1:1 mode (with Smart or Prox Cards)


System Management Features

Terminal Management
Built in TCP/IP: Terminal Managment, which includes initial configuration, firmware upgrade, log retrieval, biometric database operations etc., is made possible through TCP/IP in all modes.
Built in Web Browser Interface: This feature allows remote maintenance & management of terminals is a network or even on internet

Template Management
SBAA Enrollment & Management System Application: This is used to register individuals (templates can be on reader/card), and manage a group of terminals connected to a network (i.e. downloading databases and configuring a terminal remotely). This application also allows adding a biometric function to an existing access control system without changing it. It can also be used independently of these facilities to provide a simple access control system.
SBAA supports the ID08 series, and other Solus Terminals Time Prox & Time Smart Bio, Solus Controllers DAC02 & 04 PS & IPW Series.

Aesthetics & Installation Features

  • The ID08 retains common appearance and aesthetics, while offering both Biometric & Smart card options in same packaging thus allowing the client to choose technology based on security requirements.
  • Mounting: A wall-mounted plate requires four screws. It is compatible with US/EU electrical boxes.
  • Power over Ethernet Option (to be ordered separately) makes ID08 easier to installa as cabling requirements shrink to only CAT 5 LAN cable connection.

Technical Specification

System Features
1:1 Verification Mode (Operating Time <1 sec>
1:N Identification Mode (Operating Time <1.5 sec, up to 10000 templates)
Capable of simultaneous Identification & Verification
Operating Mode (RF/RF+Finger) Setting by 'Time Schedule' of Controller
Operating Mode selectable by Individual ID
New installation or retrofit with third party Weigand controllers
1,000/3,000/5,000 Fingerprint Users and 15,000 ID Users
Card only / Fingerprint only / Card+Fingerprint
Auto Touch sensor for fingerprint only identification
13.56MHz(default) Contactless Smart Card and 125KHz (optional) Proximity Card
Network Communication via built-in TCP/IP
Built in Web browser User Interface
Fingerprint Templates upload/download via Laptop & browser
Master card available for user addition
External reader input port
Intelligent Input/Output facilities
Compatible with Solus Access & Attendance Management System Software
Technical Specification
500 dpi Optical Sensor 14x20mm(Sagem)/16x19(Suprema)
CPU: ARM9 Family CPU Core
Memory:72MB Flash with battery backup+32MB RAM
FAR:Adjustable FAR accroding to security requirements
Template Size: 256(Sagem)/ 384 bytes(Suprema)
Manages up to 5000 users, two templates each, in identification mode.
Buzzer available
Multi-color LEDs available
Communication Options: Customizable Wiegand output - any bit formate, serial and Ethernet (10/100 Base T)
Lock Control: Relay Contact (one) used
Tamper switch & secured screw
Supports ISO14443-A MIFARE and DESFIRE cards.
Operating temperature: -10 to + 50C
Humidity Range: 0 to 90% RH
Supply Voltage: 9V, 16V(250mA @ 12V)
Deimensions: 151mm(H) x 84mm(W) x 71mm(D)
Complies with CE EN60068, EN55022
Egress Filtering for Standalone Mode
  Standalone Controller Networking Reader
Card holders/Users(limit) 1500 Nil
Transactions (limit) 15000 Nil
Lock Yes No
Egress Yes No
Controller required No Yes
Verification Mode with Flash memory No 4000 users
System Application
Solus ID08 Standalone Accees 
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