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Smarti Biolite Time & Attendance 
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Smarti Biolite Time & Attendance System Chennai India

BIOlite is an embedded fingerprint & Time Attendance systems specially design for SOHO. It provide speedy and efficient fingerprint authentication by incorporating the latest finger recognition, algorithms and smart card technology. It provides customers with the opportunity to improve and upgrade existing systems at reduced installation and support costs.

Smarti BioSmart Fingerprint Terminal



Software Features

  • Scratch resistant optical sensor
  • Highest Security Level
  • Industry leading fingerprint identification speed
  • Available with latest smart Card technology
  • User wise Access Modes
  • Suitable for Time Attendance as well as Access Control applications
  • Adjustable FFR / FAR as per Customer Needs
  • Ideal for SOHO / SME environment.


  • Uwer-friendly software GUI.
  • Advanced Shift Management and Attendance Features.
  • Access Control Configuration (Doors, Time Zones, Door Open Time, DOTL etc.).
  • Payroll Interface for any payroll package.
  • Various versions:smartSOFT™ Professional Plus/Advance/Enterprise.

Key Features

  • Stores up to 4,750 Fingerprints & 5,000 event buffers.
  • Real time auto update of Finger Templates to monitor changes in the fingerprint.
  • Compatible with HID & Mifare Smart Cards (13.56 MHz).
  • High Protection optical Sensor with protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
  • Award winning Fingerprint algorithm, 2004 & 2006
  • Easy template distribution for across multiple devices
  • LCD for Time & Attendance Display along with multi- tone buzzer.
  • Configurable Operating Modes - Card only; Finger only; UID + Finger; Card + Finger; UID only etc.
  • Can be connected to external USB converter for PC connectivity
  • Configurable modes of sensor: 1:1; 1:N & auto-identification
Technical Specification
Particulars SBL 12 Series
Event Buffers 6,000
Number of Users 250
Operation Modes Card Only; UID+ Finger;Card+Finger; Finger only; UID only
Scanner (Sensor) High Quality Optical Sensor
Card Reader (Optional IN or OUT) Mifare; HID(iClass)
Exit Port Egress Switch or Reader for exit
Communications Port RS485/RS232/USB (External)
Baud Rate 9600 bps (Default)
Inputs/Output 2i/p (Door status, Egress), 1o/p(Lock Open)
Time Zone/Access Levels 2+1(Free Time Zone)/Unlimited
Controller ID 16
LCD 16*2 alphanumeric
keypad 14 key numeric
Access/Remote Mgmt System SRMS Series
Time & Attendance Software Classic;Professional(Optional)
LED/Buzzer BiColor LED Bar/Multi Tone buzzer o/p
Power Supply For Unit: 10 VDC 500mA Max
for Lock: 10 VDC - 12 VDC 600mA Max(Isolated)
Color/Weight Grey / 500 gms
Dimension L:202 X H: 90 X D: 53 in mm
Particulars Optical
Resolution (dpi) 500+
Image Size (Pixels) 280 x 320
Sensing Area(mm) 16.0 x 19.0
Authentication / Identification 1:1& 1:N (User Groups facility for faster verification)
Template Size 384 bytes (reducible to 256 bytes)
Template Upload/Download from PC YES
Enrollment Time 2 Sec
Verification Time 1 Sec
Identification Time: 1000 < 1 Sec
FRR 0.0001%
FAR 0.1%
Various Models of Smarti Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance
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