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SOLUS™ - Time Prox & Time Smart

Proximity Card Time Recording Terminals

The Time Prox & Time Smart Card Readers are designed and constructed to provide a wide variety of configuration options. The attractive poly car bonate, all-weather housing can accommodated Proximity or Smart card technologies. The universal design lets you mix and match different technologies on the same system, while simultaneously maintaining a consistent appearance.

Solus Time
                             Prox & Time Smart Attendance System Chennai India
SOLUS Time Prox & Time Smart - DS102 TPTS


Solus Attendance Management System - SAMS™ uses Time Prox or Time Smart terminals depending upon the tasks. All terminals are operated. Online with and Ethernet or RS422 connection to guarantee the most current data transmission and data processing in SAMS™ or in a superior ERP system. If the server is not available for data communication, the terminals automatically switch to Offline mode. The terminals save all entries and transmit them when the server is available again.

Imagine an international enterprise with subsidiaries and branch offices all over the world. Find our how the individual staff requirements can be solved using Time Prox or Time Smart terminals with a Solus Enterprise Solution SAMS™.

"Time Recording is the basis for flexible working time management"


System Architecture

Solus DS-103 Time Prox & Time Smart Bio System Architecture Chennai India


Features & Benefits


  • Entry-level system with excellent price-performance ratio. Operates in Standalone or Network configurations.
  • Standard 4,000 card holder records memory expandable up to 2,55,000.
  • Data retention is case of power failure using Flash Memory.

Packaging & Appearance

  • Rugged design, Vandal Resistant polycorbonate casing suitable for interior or exterior environment.
  • No External Wiring connection..
  • State-of-the+art wedge-shaped design and backlit display for easy reading of time and information.
  • Universal packaging accommodates Proximity or Smart card technologies
  • Elegant look, fits into Standard ROMA(R) Electrical fittings Matches aesthetics, available in many colours & designs.



  • Simple operations through colored function LEDs, Threee high-intensity LEDS, (red, amber, and green) indicate system conditions.
  • Keypad and backlit LCD display can be combined with all reader technologies Smart Card Read only or Read/Write options.
  • Proximity & Smart Card HID(R) Class/Mifare options.
  • Full Function Battery Back up Option (External).
  • Proximity & Smart Card options


  • RS232/422/TCP/IP / Modern / Wireless (Wifi) Connectivity options.


Technical Specification

Card Holders: 4,000
Transactions: 10,000
Inputs: 2
Outputs 2
Memory 512KB
Flash 512KB
Processor RISC
Reader Support Proximity, Smart Card - Mifare/iClass
Optional protocal Support (IP Series) DHCP, SNMP
Dimensions H:170 x W:170 x D:55 in mm
Maximum: 65° C (150° F)
Minimum: 0° C (32° F)
Humidity: 0 to 95% Relative
Power: 12.5 VDC 4 Amp
TB - IPE Time Prox unit with TCP/IP-EM
TB - IPH Time Prox unit with TCP/IP-HID Prox
TS - IPM Time Smart Card Read only with TCP/IP Mifare
TS - IPH Time Smart Card Read only with TCP/IP iClass
SDC - 01 RS232 to RS-422 Converter
SPS-01 12V 4 Amp Power Supply
SPP-01 12V 4 Amp Battery Back-upPower Supply
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