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Multi Door Access Control System

eSSL 4 Door Controller C3-400

eSSL - C3-400

Supt's Card Reader
Card Capacity: 30000
Transactions: 100000

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INBIO 460 4 Door Access Controller


Supt's FP Reader
Finger Capaticy: 3000
Transaction: 100000

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Spectra ACT500 TWO Door Access Controller

Spectra ACT500

2 Door Controller
User Capacity: 30000
Transaction: 60000

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Spectra ACT1000 TWO Door Access Controller

Spectra ACT1000

4 Door Controller
Finger Tamplets: 30000
Transaction: 55000

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HID Vertx EVO V2000 Two Reader Access Controller

HID Vetx V2000 Evo

Networked Controller
Host Interface for
Two Readers

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