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Proximity Access Control Systems and Time Attendance

Proximity cards, also referred to as access badges and keycards, use resonant energy transfer to gain access to a locked area, door or building. By simply holding the card a few inches from the reader, access can be granted or denied.

Proximity cards are user-friendly, and the reader can be easily re-coded when a card is lost or stolen. Creating this safe work environment will promote productivity and decrease your liability.

Access Control readers and cards are available in a variety of technologies, including:-

  • RFID Proximity
  • Mifare
  • HID Proximity
  • Trovan Proximity
  • Cotag Proximity

The key features of the access control system are

  • Contactless release of locking mechanism
  • No numbers to remember
  • One Tag opens all assigned doors allowing easy configuration of different access rights to groups or individuals
  • Simple to set up and change configuration as required
  • Allows simple access control of visitors, employees and the general public throughout a site
  • A simple operation removes access rights from a tag if an employee leaves with it or loses it
  • The card lasts longer because it has no physical contact with the reader, therefore no wear and tear.
  • Low maintenance
  • The card fits inside a wallet or purse.
  • Easy to expand access control system if requirements change
  • No multiple keys or numbers required
  • Vandal proof
  • The card is difficult to duplicate
  • Extremely fast lock release

Kambar believes that a solution to an access problem should be kept simple and tailored to a customers need.

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