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Access Control Solutions

Our Access control Solutions is designed to control the movement of employees and unathorised personnel within and around customer facilites. This control of movement is applied to doors, Gate Entry Systems, Turnstiles, Revolving Doors, Gate Entry Systems and Car Park Barriers. Our Access Control Products suites to all of these sites. The scale of complexity of the access control system can vary in accordance with end users requirements.

Access Control for Standalone doors in the home and business

Kambar Tech's standalone range of access control solutions provides digital keypad, proximity readers , fingerprint readers for the doors where access, time attendance and wayout are the only requirements. These products offer a variety of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly

Kambar Tech's standalone applications include access control, Time & Attendance, Digital Door Locks, Safety Lockers, lift access control, gate automation and door monitoring.

Time Attendance

Fingerprint System for Small to Enterprise-level Co's...

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Access Control

Single Door Control for Offices and Secured Areas...

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Residential Lock

Secert Pin, Card & Fingerprint Door Locks for Houses...

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Access Control for small to medium sized commercial propoerties

SmartChoice for access control in small to medium sized commercial properties that have a low to medium security level requirement. Its popularity is driven by its power, low cost and flexibility as well as its proven quality and reliability.

SmartChoice products can be used as either a standalone system for a single door or as a networked system. The networked system comprises of one to sixteen access points that are individually controlled and are connected to a centroal host or server. They transfer information in real-time about door access. The whole system is networked in such a manner that the operator finds it easy and simple to manage from a central location.

SmartChoice include access control, vehicle access control and door inter-locking System.

Industry Applications Corporate offices, Financial Institutions, IT Industry, Pharmacitucles Industry,

Multi-Door Access Control

2 Door & 4 Door Control System...

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Hotel Locks

RFID Smart Card Locks for Hotels and Service Appartments...

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Lift Access Control

Hotel, Commercial & Residential Appartments uses the system...

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Access Control for commerical properties

EnterpriseChoice is scalable card access control system, designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise. The system is highly flexible and feature rich.

EnterpriseChoice is a single or multi user system for one or more sites. The access solutions begins delivering its applications at the car park barrier, through to the buildings entry points. With readers placed on internal doors and elevator control it can limit movement around the building. The reader installed at access points is dependent on how secure a room needs to be.

The EnterpriseChoice applicaitons include access control, door control/monitoring, time & attendance, visitor management and elevator control. The system will also interface with the building's fire and CCTV Systems.

Multi-Level Access Control

System for Large Areas and Branchs...

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Vehicle access Control System

Vehicle Access

Ensures Valid Cars and Pickups entry into Entrances and Parking...

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Idcube Access Control Solutions
Hrview Access Control and Time Attendance Software
HID Multi-Door Access Controller and Readers

Web based Physical Access Control.

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